Who are we? We're regular people.

Um, actually, we lie. We aren't regular. For one, we are crazy about computers (each of us gets a Mac to work and play with in the office. You too can, if you join us ). Secondly, we each have skillz. We'll all be working on, say, turning 40 lines of jumbled code into a super-cool address book, and next moment, one of us is tap dancing to the other's Madhyamavathi.

Meet some of our folks. Remember this is just a teaser


Shalin is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He started his first company when he was 18. In fact, you are reading something on that very company’s website now.

He has been the pioneer behind many hugely successful products that include HappyFox, DoAttend and HelpStack.

Shalin sends regular multi-taskers scurrying for cover by managing six products, running his company in two different continents, playing the keyboard, doing child photography and traveling; all at the same time. And to think that they are just a few of his interests.

Shalin lives and breathes customer service and loves to help budding entrepreneurs build great products.


Many years ago, Rethas decided not to do what others would have done after graduating from Loyala college with a Masters in Mathematics (In fact, arguably, not many people would even graduate with a Masters in Maths). Also many years ago, Rethas decided to hitch his wagon to a little known company that was making cool software. And many years since then, Rethas has been at Tenmiles.

Rethas lives a double life.On the one hand, he loves Tenmiles' atmosphere and merged the company's ideals and goals with his. On the other hand, he (like superman) transforms into a carnatic singer often and escapes to places all across India to perform.

When he is not singing, or working at Tenmiles,or singing while working at Tenmiles, Rethas likes live sport, enjoys good beer (who doesn't?) and theorises about life.


Pulkit Sankhla is, or rather was, an Eligible Bachelor. In the sense that he graduated from Anna University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication degree. Later, he completed a certificate program in management of software development (CPMSD) from IIM-Calcutta. 2 Degrees, in other words, above zero.

He likes challenges, which is why he wakes up every morning (his window faces east. Poor chap) with the single aim of coming up with new ideas to implement. A side-effect of reading self-help/leadership books methinks. He believes Tenmiles doesn't indulge in petty bureaucracy (unlike the Indian government), one reason why he likes working here. And like every other Indian, he likes food and cricket, in no particular order.


Marketeer? nah! Developer? nah! She is the one who bridges them. Nandhini minds quality. She thinks for the marketeers and works with the developers.

She loves #hashtags and conversations.


Chander makes design come alive. He proudly proclaims that he’ll come a distant second to a 3rd grader when it comes to designing things. But throw any fancy design at Chander and he will create webpages that give you a user experience you’ll remember.

Chander thinks talking is that wasted time in your life that you could have better utilised in building things. When he is not busy breathing life into design, he watches regional action movies for their ’stunts', throws his random intellect into Reddit threads and reads science fiction novels.


Rails enthusiast. Coldplay fan. iOS buff. There is so much we could tell you about Anand. But the one thing that he would be so proud of is being called an Apple lover. His lips quiver, eyes light up and voice breaks down when he starts raving about Apple’s gadgets.

He is so passionate about Apple, people actually hide from him if they scratch or spill coffee on their Macs. True story!

The Team

Show’s not over, folks! What you saw is just a teaser of what Tenmiles is made of. Here at Tenmiles, we have a whole bunch of energetic people who have a lot of fun building products. Stop by our office to discover the Tenmiles experience, meet the rest of the folks, maybe even work with us.