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Rails Performance Tip: Query Optimization

 by Anand  on   11 Jul 2011

Rails applications will get significant performance boost if the sql queries sent to the database are optimized. Database cialis super active must not be hit with requests unless there is an absolute necessity.

Two Basic online writing sites steps for Optimization:

  1. Add database indexes on all foreign keys
  2. add_index :tasks, :project_id
  3. Use Eager loading to avoid n+1 query problems, in sensible places.
  4. Project.find(12).includes(:tasks, :notes)

    QueryReviewer gem:

This gem helps a lot in optimizing the SQL queries.

For every page request, it gives good statistics on the number of queries, number of slow queries, in-efficient queries etc.,
Check it out.

10 useful tips for your sales team

 by Vikram  on   09 Sep 2010

I strongly feel that selling is an art and one that is refined over time. Regardless of the product/concept/service being sold, there are certain key factors which I feel form the foundation for a successful sales drive.

1. Develop a 30 second elevator pitch, that sticks to the 30 second limit
The elevator pitch is meant to captivate an individual to such an extent that he/she is anxious to learn more about your product. It should serve as your opening statement and project a creative, yet factual representation of what your product stands for. That said, content from your sales collateral/brochures should not find their way to the elevator pitch.

For example, a web based application is supposed to run on the cloud, so making references to this in a 30 second pitch just doesn’t add any value. Rather, think about the positive emotions that the use of your product generates, regardless of what your product may be. Does it inspire creativity in those who design with it? Or does using your product deliver a smile on every end user’s face? Bring out these intangible benefits in your elevator pitch and connect with your prospective customers on a more personal level.

2. Know who your customer is before selling to them
A common trait displayed by Sales teams these days is to start selling a product/concept to a prospective customer without really delving into how it would benefit the end user. Your product may have a wide variety of amazing features that potentially serve every conceivable need but often, customers have a single pain point, which one of your standard, run of the mill features may address.

Learn more about your customer, their company and how they operate. Once you’re armed with all the details, paint a picture in their minds that makes it easier for them to relate to how your product fits their needs. You just might find that in responding to how their pain point can be solved by merely highlighting a single feature that your product offers, you’ve bagged the sale.
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