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The day we fired the system admin

 by Shalin Jain  on   18 Jul 2011

I recently received a call from my cousin, he runs a small brick-mortar business and works really hard. His question on a sunday evening was:

“What anti-virus should I be using?”

My reply was with another question: “Do you want to have the same call again 6-months later?” He obviously replied with a No.

So, I answered him: “Then, get a Mac!”.

Now, probably the #1 reason someone wouldn’t move to Mac in India is a software called Tally. Tally (windows-only) is unarguably the most popular accounting package in India. But then you could simply run windows using parallels or bootcamp and deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you cannot run Windows virus-free and don’t really have to re-install-the-OS-every-6-months. But it’s quite hard without good IT support. You just don’t need an anti-virus, but probably also need a firewall and a malware blocker, and a more secure browser. Keep all of it updated (using their own unique update process) all the time. I know it’s not that hard, but most people don’t want to do this.

At Tenmiles, we started with Dell desktops running Windows. A server running Windows Server 2000. We mastered it all to ensure there is zero-downtime but as we hired more and more people we realized we had to make them familiar with all those little things that make the difference. From knowing what service pack they are using to understanding how an array of tools help us stay safe. Nevertheless, many of them called me or one of the know-all guys for help. We loved the adventure of fixing stuff. Then, one-day, I bought a Mac. Used it at work.

The first few weeks, the signals I got from my co-workers was, he has made a lot of money – so he is buying expensive designer stuff and soon will fall flat when he gets troubled by compatibility with the majority of us (and the software). A few months later, few folks at office decided to buy their own Macs at their own expense as their primary work machine. I was soon forgetting all the Win-OS expertise I had learnt over the years.

Instead of hiring a system admin, I actually fired the system-admin role in me and my colleague. We started buying Macs for everyone.

Pricing your SaaS Application

 by Shalin Jain  on   22 Apr 2010

SaaS: Software As A Service has become widely accepted and is a popular choice among businesses. Businesses consuming SaaS applications favour the low upfront cost and zero infrastructure headaches. Also, SaaS applications being deployed online have the advantage of being available anywhere, anytime and even on any platform. Businesses developing software have embraced the SaaS model with open hands. The emergence of Cloud computing, subscription ready payment gateways and success stories of the likes of SalesForce and Google Apps makes it an easy model to follow.

Pricing SaaS Application

Clearly SaaS applications have adopted a different pricing model than the traditional one-time license fee based desktop or web applications. There is a definite recurring cost per user in the hosted model that warrants the need for a different pricing approach. You not only provide an app but also manage users data.

Let’s dive into a few of the popular pricing strategies to understand the available models and what could fit your next SaaS application.

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Positions open in Tenmiles, Chennai

 by Shalin Jain  on   22 Jul 2006

We are currently hiring: C++ and PHP developers.

Can freshers apply?: Yes
How many years of experience is too many?: 8
Job Location: Chennai
Salary: way above industry standards
What’s in our fridge: real juices, fruits, biscuits and other yummy stuff

So if you interested in learning more drop us an email at jobs -at- tenmiles /dot/ com