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It’s time to have a Wonderful Day, everyday!

 by vinay  on   21 Feb 2012

We at Tenmiles are big fans of Apple. We also love churning out products every once in a while. Therefore, venturing into iOS app development was a step we were always going to take. Yes, you read it right! We just released our first iOS app and it’s all about making your day wonderful! Say hello to Wonderful Day.

Wonderful Day - iOS productivity app

Wonderful Day aims to help you develop the habits that you aspire to have, by motivating you everyday. Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, it visualizes your goals in a way that screams out “Don’t break the chain!”.

Like what you hear? Get it from the App Store and start your chain of wonderful days today!

Product Evangelism & Marketing, Chennai

 by Shalin Jain  on   29 Oct 2010

Do you love talking about a product? In fact, its easier than that. Do you love talking about GREAT products? Do you love ideating around products and customers? Then we want you! Tenmiles is looking for people who will take the passion from inside the walls of our office and take it to our customers.

It’s no secret that we at Tenmiles are passionate about our products. Even while writing code, we have ideas on the next great feature we can give to our customers, or the next campaign to engage them, or another niche market we can target. While we ship a bunch of products successfully, we are still brimming with a lot energy and ideas. We need people who will join us, feel the energy, be energized, and transfer that energy to our customers.

We are looking for people to fill two roles – Product Evangelism and Product Marketing.

Product Evangelism

As we see it, this will involve engaging our existing customers and knowing them inside-out. We want to know what they like about our products now, what they would want to see, and how we can make their day better. You would be responsible for our community initiatives, be an expert user of the product, and work closely with developers & the marketing team. The Product Evangelist has to be the “insider” both for us, AND our customers.

How to Apply

Apply by sending us an email to In the email, tell us about one such product community that you think rocks. And tell us why it rocks. Include a resume (pdf) as well. Open for everyone, experienced or freshers.

Product Marketing

Inbound marketing principles drive most of our marketing efforts. You would be responsible for our products having clarity in communication, beautiful & useful collaterals, well-managed online advertising campaigns and creative ways to reach people who need our product. We believe in travel-less internet marketing and improving word-of-mouth referrals rather than standing endlessly at trade show booths or making cold calls.

How to Apply

Apply by sending us an email at Tell us about one great marketing success you’ve come across online for a product. And tell us why you think it was awesome. Include a resume (pdf) as well. Open for everyone, experienced or freshers.

Got questions? Leave us a comment or get in touch with us by email or twitter.

Pricing your SaaS Application

 by Shalin Jain  on   22 Apr 2010

SaaS: Software As A Service has become widely accepted and is a popular choice among businesses. Businesses consuming SaaS applications favour the low upfront cost and zero infrastructure headaches. Also, SaaS applications being deployed online have the advantage of being available anywhere, anytime and even on any platform. Businesses developing software have embraced the SaaS model with open hands. The emergence of Cloud computing, subscription ready payment gateways and success stories of the likes of SalesForce and Google Apps makes it an easy model to follow.

Pricing SaaS Application

Clearly SaaS applications have adopted a different pricing model than the traditional one-time license fee based desktop or web applications. There is a definite recurring cost per user in the hosted model that warrants the need for a different pricing approach. You not only provide an app but also manage users data.

Let’s dive into a few of the popular pricing strategies to understand the available models and what could fit your next SaaS application.

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