UX Engineer – Web

 by rethas  on   01 Sep 2014

Job Brief:

Tenmiles is a place filled with problem solvers who bring the best software solutions to niche problems in the market. We develop products that help global companies transform their customer support from good to great. We also help people organize events at ease.

As a UX Engineer at Tenmiles, you will be responsible for

1. Coming up with design specifications in the form of storyboards

2. Thinking through each of the product feature from head to toe and detailing the workflow

3. Work closely with the UI team to make sure the interface design conforms to the design standards of the product with a minimal design

4. Work closely with Product team and Dev team to marry both the ends of product development without compromising on the quality of the output

5. Showcase the user flow for each feature through presentations

6. Transforming the workflow into web interactions using HTML, CSS and JS

7. Suggesting UX improvements to the existing features with enough details that can be directly transformed into enhancements by development team.

Must Have:

1. 2-3 years experience as a UX designer with experience in working on web products for B2B or B2C consumers.

2. Must have a minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design or equivalent

4. Experience with design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator

5. Experience in working with HTML, CSS and JS

6. Experience in developing storyboards and workflow illustrations using keynote or powerpoint presentations or tools like invision.

7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

8. Keen eye for detail and the ability to justify the design proposals with grit

9. Minimalistic design approach with the ability to develop an understanding of user behavior


1. Knowledge of website technology a plus (APIs, HTML, CSS, Javascript)

2. Experience working in SaaS based product company

3. Worked for a bootstrapped high growth startup

Job Benefits:

1. Competitive pay and benefits with growth prospects within the company

2. Casual and high energy work environment where you could see your ideas win

Use DoAttend and HappyFox as Mac apps

 by Anand  on   31 Aug 2013

If you are using a mac, you must try Fluid app.

With Fluid, you can use your favourite web apps as mac apps and keep them in your dock all the time. Since it becomes a native app (sort of..), you can even choose to open them after every login. It saves a lot of time.

A couple of folks at Tenmiles are using this heavily.

DoAttend using Fluid

DoAttend using Fluid 

Meet Tenmiles, the team that developed a set of cool, successful products like DoAttend, Wonderful Day, HelpDesk Pilot and HappyFox.

Have you got great passion for writing? Are you a natural blogger? How good are you as a storyteller?

We are looking for a content marketer to drive the content strategy at a project level.

If you think this is your opportunity, choose to talk to us. Starting with webpages and blogs, be ready to pitch in your ideas for info graphics, emails, social media and video scripts. So Content can go beyond the text form.


  • Spin the yarn: Ability to creatively, spin a story around the technology we create
  • Create content that converts readers in to fans – Not just paragraphs in webpages and blogs but video scripting and social media
  • A natural interest in all things digital — social media, email, inforgraphic, landing pages, etc.
  • Ability to publish content at speed. Ship content everyday.
  • Attention to detail. Test: use the phrase “content marketing” in your cover letter
  • Enjoy working independently and as part of a team
  • Submit a resume, cover letter, link to your blog and examples to showcase your creativity and writing prowess

Prove your mettle and eventually, grab the opportunity to grow into a full digital marketing role.

The best advisors don’t advice

 by Shalin Jain  on   03 Jun 2013

They listen. They listen more than they advice. They ask more than they direct. As an entrepreneur you speak candidly and honestly. You have to bring out the real you. If you are an advisor to an entrepreneur read this piece on mentoring and if you are an entrepreneur read The Goal and imagine your Jonah.

Why I’m Done With Jailbreaking

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   25 Feb 2013

Forbes reported that over seven million people opted to jailbreak their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. And, that was two weeks ago. This makes Evasi0n the most popular jailbreak ever. I wasn’t one among them. You could call me a jailbreak fanboi who until recently waited with bated breath for a jailbreak after every major iOS release. But, I’m done.

I have loudly supported jailbreaking, canvassed people to jailbreak and have helped a few of my friends to free their iOS devices. After eagerly embracing all the jailbreak releases for over three years, this time I gave it a pass. There is no major incentive in jailbreaking anymore and I think that Apple has done a great job filling the gaps that existed in iOS.

I jotted down a few issues that drove to me to Apple’s fold again. It’s interesting to see how far the iOS ecosystem has come!

Tethering and Do Not Disturb

For years, iOS didn’t allow tethering the mobile internet connection. This was as ridiculous as not supporting basic copy paste or the ability to take screenshots of your mobile screen out of the box.

Back then, I used to travel a lot and not being able to take advantage of mobile broadband didn’t make any sense for me. I have gotten used to tethering since the Symbian days and it was one of the first things that drove me to jailbreak.

The amazing MyWi app from Cydia helped me stay online when I was out and about. After the launch of Personal Hotspot though, tethering has become a non-issue. Features like Do Not Disturb and better notifications are other examples of Apple bridging the gaps in iOS.


Without mincing words, I’ll admit that Cydia is a groundbreaking achievement in indie mobile distribution. But, I’d say it’s also the digital equivalent of a bullock cart when it comes to performance, usability and load times.

If I remember correctly, Cydia existed even before the iOS App Store. But, I wonder how much of it has changed over all these years in terms of user experience. I loved the Rock app store and it was fun till it lasted. Forgoing Cydia for iOS app store wasn’t painful at all.

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The Times Group Honors Tenmiles

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   04 Feb 2013

The new year has begun on a fantastic note for us. The Times Group honored Tenmiles by including us in the second edition of Pathfinders, a campaign to recognize ten leading IT and ITES entrepreneurs in the state.

In a grand ceremony held last week, our founder and CEO Shalin Jain was felicitated by none other than His Excellency Dr K Rosaiah, Governor of Tamilnadu.

The Time Group also came out with a nifty coffee table book chronicling the journey of the ten pathfinders. We are thrilled, humbled and honored!