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Wonderful Day version 1.4 Available

 by Anand  on   12 Oct 2012

Wonderful Day is our first iPhone app. We released the first version early this year. And when we look at its user reviews now in the App Store, here is what we can read.

“Best app I’ve gotten in months!”

“I have a horrible memory so this app really helps me to do what I need to. And I always feel so accomplished when I see all those green dots in a row.”

“Helps you to keep moving towards your goals in a really subtle and unobtrusive way. Would  recommend this app for anyone who’s tired of making lists that never get done.”

“Worth every penny.”

There are another 300 similar reviews in the US App store alone.

In the beginning, We had a very simple idea in mind to achieve goals every day. It was inspired by Seinfeld’s productivity secret but in a different outlook. That is to show one simple colourful chart that can motivate people to achieve their goals every single day.

We started brainstorming on this idea and soon we all had a common understanding on how the app should work like. 

When we looked at other similar apps in the store, we felt they were simply bloated utilities. Such apps overwhelm users with calendars and other unnecessary features. They disturb users with reminders throughout the day. And users end up disabling the reminders from such apps.

We wanted Wonderful Day to stand out of all of them.  

We think an App shouldn’t come in the way of users. It should never disturb user’s privacy. But at the same time, it must add value to users in the simplest way possible. So when we developed the app,  every single design decision was made keeping these goals in mind.

When you start using Wonderful Day, you will realise pretty quickly that it doesn’t come in your way at all. It simply lets you add your goals and gives a neat little chart of your achievements. And our users loved the app. Soon after the release, we hit the top charts in USA, India and a few other countries. 

But not all of the users were happy. Few had complaints on the things they didn’t like. And some requested features that would certainly help them even more in their goals. Here are some reviews which requested features or complained about the app.

“This is a simplified tool that easily achieves what it set out to achieve. I would like to see the ability to change the reminder time and frequency. Other than that, solid app.”

“When I’m slammed doing other thing, Wonderful Day is on my phone to remind me of ongoing commitments. It does that really well! The only irritant is that it gets a bit slow when you get out three or four months and it needs to keep track of a whole stack of yes/no data points.”

“Its helpful, good and simple. What i don’t like is the constant request for reviews, the non ability to re arrange the list”

These requests were repeatedly coming in and so we added these into the new version.

Apart from fixing performance issues and polishing the look & experience inside the app, we built the following things into version 1.4.

  • Users can change the order of activities if they want to.
  • There is a new “Settings” section through which you can customise the daily notification time. These reminders can even be turned off.
  • Last week view is the new default view in Activity list.
  • To support those who have trouble identifying colours, there is a new accessibility setting to switch the colour theme of the entire app.

And yes, the app now supports iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch. Wonderful day runs full screen in the new 4 inch Retina display. With this update, we hope the App becomes very useful to all of our users.

Simplicity has always been our goal whenever we develop any Software. And in Wonderful Day, that was “the” factor in every design decision we made.

When others went for custom reminder for each activity, we went for one reminder for all activities. And when others used complex calendars to showcase analytics, we used a simple chart with two colours to show the same data. Like these, we made decisions in the app such that it is simple to understand and easy to get started. 

We hope you love what we make. WonderfulDay version 1.4 is now available in the App Store . Please update and let us know what you think.

iOS app development: What’s next

 by Shalin Jain  on   01 May 2012

We started 2012 with launch of our first iOS app – a personal productivity app – Wonderful Day for iOS. The app hit the charts on launch and got plenty of reviews. Some of them include by: Woikr, MyMac and TechinAsia.

We are now working on our second application. The app is long due and under works. We’ll have a sneak peak coming out soon. Stay tuned.

It’s time to have a Wonderful Day, everyday!

 by vinay  on   21 Feb 2012

We at Tenmiles are big fans of Apple. We also love churning out products every once in a while. Therefore, venturing into iOS app development was a step we were always going to take. Yes, you read it right! We just released our first iOS app and it’s all about making your day wonderful! Say hello to Wonderful Day.

Wonderful Day - iOS productivity app

Wonderful Day aims to help you develop the habits that you aspire to have, by motivating you everyday. Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, it visualizes your goals in a way that screams out “Don’t break the chain!”.

Like what you hear? Get it from the App Store and start your chain of wonderful days today!

Visualize the Helpdesk Pilot experience

 by Vikram  on   23 Feb 2011

Our first stop motion video created for a Tenmiles product, Helpdesk Pilot, is now out!

We’ve been working on this for over 2 months, with Karthik & his team at Brand New, and it’s such an awesome feeling to see the final video. Everyone involved in the production really deserves a round of applause!

The aim of the video is to introduce Helpdesk Pilot and provide viewers with a creative look at the core functionalities of the product.

Check it out! Once you’ve seen it, please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Flash Screensaver Software: Screensaver App

 by Shalin Jain  on   03 Jan 2009

Screenswift finally gets a new dedicated website – Screenswift is Tenmiles’ first product and a very popular tool in its category – Flash Screensaver Software. It is by far the most successful desktop application we have launched in the last 8 years. Don’t miss checking our customer list.

Any feedback on the website is welcome. 2009 brings a new showcase for favorite app at Tenmiles. Wish us luck!