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Meet the Tenmiles Team

 by Shalin Jain  on   30 Oct 2009

Tenmiles Team

We are your regular people. Really. Find it out for yourself here.

The tight rope walk

 by rethas  on   12 Sep 2008

People who know me and know what I do, know quite well that I have a day job with a creative and cool product development company, in Madras. They also know that I am a creative person by nature which I find opportunities to express through my music. So, why do I do this?

what goes on in my head

what goes on in my head

While I love doing both, a balance between the two is what keeps me going. A person who has varied interests is bound to have an interesting life. Here is an article of mine that appeared in The Hindu a few years back, IT by Day, Music by night – Hindu Interview, Dec 2005 When we look at various things in our life and draw energy and hope from one and transfer it to other facets, it can be quite refreshing.