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iOS app development: What’s next

 by Shalin Jain  on   01 May 2012

We started 2012 with launch of our first iOS app – a personal productivity app – Wonderful Day for iOS. The app hit the charts on launch and got plenty of reviews. Some of them include by: Woikr, MyMac and TechinAsia.

We are now working on our second application. The app is long due and under works. We’ll have a sneak peak coming out soon. Stay tuned.

It’s time to have a Wonderful Day, everyday!

 by vinay  on   21 Feb 2012

We at Tenmiles are big fans of Apple. We also love churning out products every once in a while. Therefore, venturing into iOS app development was a step we were always going to take. Yes, you read it right! We just released our first iOS app and it’s all about making your day wonderful! Say hello to Wonderful Day.

Wonderful Day - iOS productivity app

Wonderful Day aims to help you develop the habits that you aspire to have, by motivating you everyday. Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, it visualizes your goals in a way that screams out “Don’t break the chain!”.

Like what you hear? Get it from the App Store and start your chain of wonderful days today!

Tenmiles is growing and we’re hiring!

 by vinay  on   21 Sep 2011

Tenmiles just turned eleven last week and we are celebrating by expanding our team!

Tenmiles is known as that small bunch of interesting people in Chennai who churn out world class software products. We build software that looks great, works like a charm, does the job and doesn’t take water breaks.

With world class products at hand, we’re now looking to scale our global reach and operations rapidly. We’ve been one of the few successful and profitable software product companies in the country, and we’re proud of it. If you would like to be a part of our growth story, have a look at the current openings in our team :-


  • Rails Developersread more
  • Django Developers
  • iOS Developers – read more
  • Linux Engineers
  • QA Engineers

Sales & Marketing

  • Channel Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Product Marketing Manager – read more
  • Product Evangelist – read more
  • Marketing Coordinators (open to Interns) – read more

If you think you will fit under any of the above, tell us why you think so by shooting an email to We’re more interested in your practical experience and your passions than how much you scored in 12th grade mathematics. If you want to include your resume, make sure it’s in PDF format.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

 by Vikram  on   21 Feb 2011

We’d like to introduce you to our new app for the new year.

For those of you familiar with the range of web-apps from the house of Tenmiles, the question circling within your mind right now is probably “But wait, isn’t Helpdesk Pilot an existing product of theirs?”. Rightly so, it is.

A year ago, we began planning the next stage of feature additions and enhancements to our flagship product, a help desk management software that was assisting businesses world wide in managing their support services more efficiently. Excitement levels were high as we discussed all the must-have features the new upgrade should ideally have.

We went back to the basics, wiped our whiteboard clean and began designing the product from the ground up, keeping in mind the fundamental pillars on which it had initially been built.

Helpdesk Pilot has now been re-engineered entirely on the Python-Django platform (moving away from PHP, on which Helpdesk Pilot has been historically built) and passionately designed in line with the Tenmiles’ ethos:

“to develop web based software products aimed at adding value to the manner in which businesses and individuals make use of the web”

A slew of new and radically revamped features make their way into V5, the latest release of Helpdesk Pilot, and the refreshed platform architecture gives us the ability to build in new capabilities much quicker. Do have a look at to see more of what’s on offer.

We have a more aggressive take on going global this year. On that note, we’re exhibiting at CeBIT 2011, where we’ll be launching Helpdesk Pilot V5 to a world audience.

If you happen to be in Hannover, Germany between March 1-5, it would be a pleasure to have you drop by our booth.

Leave us a comment and we’ll get in touch. We hear temperatures are in the sub-zero range, so be sure to bring a jacket or two!

A new app for the new year

 by Vikram  on   03 Feb 2011

2011 sure has gotten off to a flying start! It’s hard to believe we’re already a month into the new year.

Then again, adding the final touches to our upcoming app release has kept us a tad busy.

That’s right folks. Tenmiles is gearing up to finally take the wraps off our most intensive web-app development project till date. We went back to the basics and pooled in every element of creativity and technical expertise in giving life to this product. From jotting down ideas on our whiteboard, to reviewing UI designs and now being able to see the product in action, we’re at a stage where the anxiety and excitement levels couldn’t possibly get any higher.

When product development got underway last year, the Tenmiles team swore to maintain utmost secrecy up until it was ready to be released. Although we tried to stick to the code as much as we could, a certain somebody couldn’t resist the urge to let out a hint now and then.

That’s alright though. It’s understandable to have an uncontrollable urge to shout out to the world, when you have something great to tell. Or rather, a great thing or two to tell.

With that, the countdown begins. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement from Tenmiles.

Tenmiles turns ten

 by rethas  on   20 Sep 2010

What began as a single man, no-office-premises company in Madras (now Chennai), Tenmiles has now completed ten years in operation and has grown from one product to now having a modest, yet proud Vanity Shelf. We have attracted people, helped people solve their problems with our software and are ambitious about making the company the biggest software product company in the country. Read on to know about the insights of the company, from someone who’s seen things from close quarters.

At the helm of Tenmiles, is Shalin Jain, the Founder and CEO who decided he wanted to be one at the age of 18. While he was good at designing websites and making flash presentations back then, his constant dream to be involved with a software product company and engage in making good software, was hard to forget. Thus began the company. The first product was Screenswift, which simply converted flash screensavers into screensaver installers. You could get that Spiderman flash screen into your desktop screensaver in a jiffy. The tool was available in Free and Enterprise editions and we found takers in the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Disney for the Enterprise edition. That was it. We had to be doing something right!
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