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Use DoAttend and HappyFox as Mac apps

 by Anand  on   31 Aug 2013

If you are using a mac, you must try Fluid app.

With Fluid, you can use your favourite web apps as mac apps best price viagra australia and keep them in your sildenafil no prescription dock cialis canada price all the time. Since it becomes a native app (sort of..), you can even choose to open them after every login. It saves a lot of time.

A couple of folks at Tenmiles are using this heavily.

DoAttend using Fluid

DoAttend using Fluid 

The Times Group Honors Tenmiles

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   04 Feb 2013

The new year has begun on a fantastic note for us. The Times Group honored Tenmiles by including us in the second edition of Pathfinders, a campaign to recognize ten leading IT and ITES entrepreneurs in the state.

In a grand ceremony held last week, our founder and CEO Shalin Jain was felicitated by none other than His Excellency Dr K Rosaiah, Governor of Tamilnadu.

The Time Group also came out with a nifty coffee table book chronicling the journey of the ten pathfinders. We are thrilled, humbled and honored!

Wonderful Day – things you didn't know!

 by Anand  on   13 Nov 2012

In any given day, you may have some activities to be done and marked in the app. pay for research paper We show such activities in bold, to clearly distinguish from the others which are not relevant for that day.

Activities in Bold

Every activity gets a performance chart – with green and red dots. It shows your consistency with that item, like how good you were in doing that activity over a period of time.

The bottom part of that chart shows the days on which that particular activity is supposed to be done.

In the below screen shots – “Write an essay” is to be done on all weekdays except for saturdays and sundays.

All Weekdays

Whereas “Go to movies” is to be done only on Tuesdays. So we have disabled the other day alphabets in that section of chart.

Just on tuesdays

We’ve Made it Big!

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   09 Jul 2012

We’ve made it big, again! Tenmiles is now almost twelve years old, yet, it’s as vibrant and agile as a startup. From a single person outfit that operated out of the spare bedroom of our founder’s home to becoming one of the hottest software products company in India based out of the heart of Chennai, we’ve come a long way.

HelpdeskPilot is our champion and is a market leader right off the gate. HappyFox is about to hit the 2000 customer mark and it’s not even a year since launch. Wonderful Day is kicking up a storm in the iOS app store. We don’t usually like to brag, but it’s nice to cherish our conquests once in a while.

It’s the passion and fire in people behind the ideas that matter and nothing else. Here we are, a bootstrapped company working from a boutique, downtown office competing head on with well funded companies from Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Thanks to our constant obsession to build World class products backed by top notch customer support, we’ve drafted a ton of wonderful people. Naturally, our team has outgrown the space we currently operate from.

After scouting around the metropolis for many months, we finally zeroed in on a mammoth space that’s six times the size of our current office. Our new address is in Guindy (Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate) which fits right into our ethos of staying connected and accessible. A ten minute walk from the train station has made a lot of folks to switch to public transport for the first time. Go green!

After an impassioned speech by our fearless leader, we made the move on the afternoon of July 4. Swanky white tables adorn the floor and the rest of the space will house our a mini gym, ping pong table, game consoles, and a trampoline (not really!). Here are some pics from our new, not so humble abode!

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Breaking: Wonderful Day Tops the iOS App Store

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   27 Jun 2012

Wonderful Day is now #2 in the Productivity category of the iOS app store. Ever since launch, we were topping one chart or the other, but this one is pretty huge because we are at the top in the USA store pushing past several heavyweights like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Clear, Omnifocus and more. This could very well be the first time for an app from an Indian company to top the US store. We’re doubly proud!

Top Listings

Top Listings

We thank the Lifehacker team for the wonderful review and you can check it out here. In the meantime, our iOS developer team is working on several cool updates to Wonderful Day. Watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!

Check out the video we’ve created to learn what Wonderful Day is all about!

iOS app development: What’s next

 by Shalin Jain  on   01 May 2012

We started 2012 with launch of our first iOS app – a personal productivity app – Wonderful Day for iOS. The app hit the charts on launch and got plenty of reviews. Some of them include by: Woikr, MyMac and TechinAsia.

We are now working on our second application. The app is long due and under works. We’ll have a sneak peak coming out soon. Stay tuned.