Wonderful Day – things you didn’t know!

 by Anand  on   13 Nov 2012

In any given day, you may have some activities to be done and marked in the app. We show such activities in bold, to clearly distinguish from the others which are not relevant for that day.

Activities in Bold

Every activity gets a performance chart – with green and red dots. It shows your consistency with that item, like how good you were in doing that activity over a period of time. The bottom part of that chart shows the days on which that particular activity is supposed to be done. In the below screen shots – “Write an essay” is to be done on all weekdays except for saturdays and sundays.

All Weekdays

Whereas “Go to movies” is to be done only on Tuesdays. So we have disabled the other day alphabets in that section of chart.

Just on tuesdays


  1. Really nice but simple approach. Good one.

  2. Please keep developing this app, it’s amazing, but it could get better!

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