It’s been a little less than 9 months since I started working as a Marketing Coordinator at Tenmiles. And, it has been a very interesting journey so far. My internship commenced early third quarter last year, when I was succumbing to the boredom of my monotonous college routine and was looking for something ‘interesting’ to keep myself involved.

I was doing my final year Bachelors of Computer Science from Loyola College, Chennai when the notice for the position of Marketing Coordinator caught my attention. Words like “Mac”, “Android”, “Food” and “Conversation” in the notice made me curious enough to check out what it was all about.

I applied for the role; the response was immediate with a short casual telephonic round, followed by a personal interview at the Tenmiles office during which my analytical and communication skills were put to test.

Tenmiles follows the startup culture and there’s no dress code, no hierarchy and lots of freedom to do things the way you want to. At Tenmiles, we love creating great products that help make people’s life easier, just like Apple.Another great part of my experience was that I could closely observe and understand the process of building a product right from scratch.

My first project was to expand the customer base for DoAttend across various verticals and geographies. While working on the project, I had the opportunity to learn more about the events industry and how it operates. Later, I was involved in keyword research for other Tenmiles products and later assisted in the marketing of our first iOS app Wonderful Day.

The marketing team is the most happening team in the office filled with a bunch of young and dynamic folks with whom I had the opportunity to work with and have countless memories which we would ever cherish.

At Tenmiles ideas and suggestions are welcome from every quarter. Even the interns get the freedom to voice their opinions. Free exchange of ideas and constructive brainstorming have for sure helped me groom my ideas into more mature ones. Getting a hands-on experience in Internet marketing helped me to better understand the dynamics of selling a product online.

Be it the iOS app Wonderful Day, or the SaaS apps DoAttend and Happyfox; understanding the market positioning of these products was a challenging task. Doing marketing for such great products helped me to understand the process of creating a brand identity all the while beautifying people’s life with smart products.

Thanks to all the challenging tasks I was entrusted with, I have become a better and confident marketer. Interning at Tenmiles is one of the smartest decisions I have taken in my life. It’s been a pleasure being a part of a vibrant company with a diverse set of products. Looking forward to cover more miles with Tenmiles.

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