Breaking: Wonderful Day Tops the iOS App Store

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   27 Jun 2012

Wonderful Day is now #2 in the Productivity category of the iOS app store. Ever since launch, we were topping one chart or the other, but this one is pretty huge because we are at the top in the USA store pushing past several heavyweights like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Clear, Omnifocus and more. This could very well be the first time for an app from an Indian company to top the US store. We’re doubly proud!

Top Listings

Top Listings

We thank the Lifehacker team for the wonderful review and you can check it out here. In the meantime, our iOS developer team is working on several cool updates to Wonderful Day. Watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!

Check out the video we’ve created to learn what Wonderful Day is all about!

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