3 Surefire Ways to Get the Attention of Prospective Employers

 by Mohan Ramkumar  on   29 Jun 2012

We are hiring and our recruitment team has left no stone unturned to get talented candidates at our doorsteps. Like everything else at Tenmiles it was a transparent process and everyone of us got a closer look at the hiring process. It just didn’t end with forwarding resumes of friends and acquaintances!

As always, I got curious and picked the brains of our HR to give a few tips and suggestions to job seekers at large. And she was kind enough to give me three golden nuggets:

Be Professional

Sense of humor is greatly appreciated, but you don’t have to have a funny email address to prove that. I like unicorns as much as the next guy, but sporting unicornlover@gmail.com (or doublerainbowdude@yahoo.com for that matter) for professional communication might be a bit too much. You don’t have to buy a domain name to come up with a professional email address, some decent combo of words would help a lot.

Text messaging and Twitter have spoiled our vocabulary, but try not to use u, ur and thurs instead of you, your and thursday!

Brevity Works

Stop writing those really lengthy resumes. You should be able to condense your experience and achievements in two pages. If you find a way to fit the details into a single page, it’s even better and it goes down well with the coolest companies around the block. A concise resume ensures that the recruiters get to grasp the major highlights of your accomplishments so far quicker.

Besides, if you write everything about yourself in the resume, what are you gonna talk about in the interview?

Be Interesting

In this day and age, it’s way too easy to be interesting and to get noticed. Instead of goofing around in Facebook, try tweeting smart, informational stuff from your Twitter handle. If you are a programmer, use Github to your advantage. Create a blog and write about technology or anything you are good at.

The idea is to create a positive image of yourself even before you sit for a face to face interview. If you are already doing all the above mentioned things, good for you and shoot us a mail to jobs@tenmiles.com for facetime!

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