Starting up: 5 Reasons to hire freshers

 by Shalin Jain  on   12 Jul 2011

At Tenmiles freshers have played a huge role in building the company – they’ve stayed the longest and most importantly delivered top-notch production ready work. Many years ago when ‘startups’ and product companies were not so often spoken about (hyped?), it was much easier hiring great freshers compared to the experienced lot with already fat pay checks in services companies.

So, if you are hiring, think hard about hiring freshers as well.

#5: They are in-expensive: They are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. While money is important as they begin, good chances that a talented person is on a look out for the right job and pay is not the most critical requirement.

#4: They share their experience: They are most likely to talk about their work to all their friends. Everyone’s probably got a job and are reaching out to each other updating where they are and what they are doing. A fresher any day spreads the word faster about your company.

#3: Likely to stay longer: They are fresh and you are probably the first one to mould, motivate and inspire them. They don’t just get a pay-check but also all the guidance they require to nurture their talent. If you’ve got this right, they are likely to stick around lot longer and be a part of the growth story.

#2: They are young: They’ve just passed out of college. They start looking at your company as an outsider without too much mental baggage about how other companies work. They bring in a fresh perspective and ideas to the table. They are full of energy and can really slog to make things possible.

#1: They are hungry: This is what I love the most about hiring freshers. They are hungry and foolish. They want to win the world. They want to make a difference. They are eagerly waiting for recognition that does not look like a marksheet or a certificate. They were waiting for this day and you’ve got an opportunity to turn their enthusiasm into great work.

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  1. Hi Shalin,
    Given your excitement about hiring fresh college graduates, I just wanted to ask if you are looking for campus recruitements this year?
    We at IIT Ropar would love to have Tenmiles for 2011 placements in December!

    Sahil Gupta

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