Tenmiles turns ten

 by rethas  on   20 Sep 2010

What began as a single man, no-office-premises company in Madras (now Chennai), Tenmiles has now completed ten years in operation and has grown from one product to now having a modest, yet proud Vanity Shelf. We have attracted people, helped people solve their problems with our software and are ambitious about making the company the biggest software product company in the country. Read on to know about the insights of the company, from someone who’s seen things from close quarters.

At the helm of Tenmiles, is Shalin Jain, the Founder and CEO who decided he wanted to be one at the age of 18. While he was good at designing websites and making flash presentations back then, his constant dream to be involved with a software product company and engage in making good software, was hard to forget. Thus began the company. The first product was Screenswift, which simply converted flash screensavers into screensaver installers. You could get that Spiderman flash screen into your desktop screensaver in a jiffy. The tool was available in Free and Enterprise editions and we found takers in the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Disney for the Enterprise edition. That was it. We had to be doing something right!

Since then, Tenmiles has had more desktop products, tried a bit of services for some offshore and onshore clients and has now settled in on making software-on-the-web with a universal need.

The ideas did not come in easy though. Well, sometimes they did. When Shalin once mentioned about having an online polling service which could aid decision making, it seemed like a wonderful idea that could be used by one and all. The idea was conceived whilst we were sitting on the floor by the refrigerator at the very end of the day, discussing on features that should go into the first release of the product. The passion and keenness to develop something new, something that we could call our own and thereby reap the benefits is something that has stuck on to the culture at Tenmiles. The online polling service, Tezaa was then born and admittedly received quite a few pats of appreciation from people around.

But it was not all about fun products. Helpdesk Pilot, the customer support software, was born out of a need for handling support queries. You see, we were getting busy and kept getting a lot of support questions, which would invariably land up in Shalin’s outlook mailbox. We wanted to be a part of replying to these questions too. We wanted a software which could handle these tickets and help us track them. Helpdesk Pilot was built to do just this. With a simplistic design and basic functionality to begin with, it helped us maintain our helpdesk on a daily basis. This product then started selling and making money. Enough to sustain a team of 5, spend enough and more on advertising and hire more people to make more software. Again, we even sold to companies like AT&T and Verizon and we told ourselves once more – we had to be doing something right.

From a modest office in the center of the city, not that well known for housing a young software company, we have now moved to the business heart of the city in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Chennai. We are proud of our office location and are serious about inviting anyone to visit.

Along with the physical shift, we have also had a change of guard. New people with fresh ideas and that dash of enthusiasm that any startup could do with at any time. With InvoicingApp and DoAttend, Tenmiles has forayed into the domain of large scale, robust, web applications. DoAttend is an event registration software that has gone from strength to strength and aims to be the country’s best, for event managers. The development for InvoicingApp was shelved along the course. Ha, that’s something we can afford to do, when we make our own stuff, but it will definitely see the light of day soon.

The principles of the company have been upheld all along – the core integrity of the people who have worked here, the passion for creating something from scratch and being a part of it all along, an eye for well designed software and the dream to be a mighty successful product development company. As long as this remains, there’s the belief that we are doing something right. And here’s a toast to everyone who has been a part of Tenmiles and its success in the past!


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  1. Yours first product screenswift was a nice product. I appreciate it. Unfortunately I lost it. Is it possible to give me a free product or by a minimum cost?

    I live in Canada.


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