Inbound Marketing for Startups

 by Shalin Jain  on   06 Sep 2010

Inbound marketing is one the best marketing tool for a startup. The easiest way to make that happen is by investing your time and effort in leveraging the internet (your website) to enable a sale.

Getting your first few customers is not a catch-22 situation. You also don’t need the biggest brands as your first few customer to prove that your product is great. Selling a SaaS-based application offline could be hard and expensive. Learn what your prospective customers are looking for and searching for. Get them when they want you. You’ll save yourself from out-of-scope feature requests and get real relevant feedback.

Focus on great customer service instead of cold-calling.

Our first customer for our help desk software, volunteered for translating it in German language out of the love for the product. This in a way is a true power of a good product and inbound marketing.

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  1. I take a little credit for instigating you to write this up 😉

  2. Inbound marketing is essentially getting found by your prospective users. Instead of spending a lot of $$ on pushing your product through ads and other expensive media why not spend that time/money on trying to make something remarkable that people will love – and then talk about online?

    Also, thanks for linking to my earlier post. Appreciate it 🙂

  3. IMHO “Inbound Marketing” seem like Oxymoron.
    If its Marketing then there is no Inbounding
    If its Inbound then there is no Marketing
    or Am I missing something totally ?

  4. Inbound marketing is art of getting found rather than spreading the message through mediums like cold calling, direct mailers, trade shows etc. For further reading I would recommend:

  5. Thanks Shalin, I’ve read the wiki and other articles and here is my understanding

    1) Organic SEO is Inbound Marketing
    2) Adwords is Outbound Marketing

    right ? 🙂

  6. Vinod Subramanian

    Hi Ganesh,

    You got it right… rephrasing what you said,

    Inbound Marketing is where readers/ users come to our content/ offering. So its about being present in places where users search for information. e.g. SEO for identified search strings, well defined and targeted PPC campaigns etc.

    Outbound Marketing is where we take our content/ offerings to the readers/ users. So this is about presenting our information to users even though they might not be searching for them. here there’s a hope that some users might be from our target audience. e.g. Mailer campaigns to a generic database, newspaper ads etc.

    You might also be interested in Relationship Marketing (

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