Rails Developer, Chennai

 by Shalin Jain  on   09 Apr 2010

Are you turned on by great ideas and beautiful code? If yes, we want you. Here at Tenmiles, we are driven purely by the excitement of building our own products and making them simply awesome for our customers. And beautiful code is the next obvious step to getting there. We have rolled out 3 Rails products so far and are best known for DoAttend. We are hiring experienced developers, freshers with some personal programming experience (any language) and interns.

What are we looking for?

You must be a daring programmer who can get things done. You should be able to pick up new approaches and learn new techniques quickly.

You must be self-driven and self-motivated. We want to see you come up with ideas for products and features, want to hear you talk about them passionately and want to be convinced that they’re simply rad!

You must have a startup mindset – taking responsibility for the product, and working as a team to do what it takes and make it a success.

Experienced Developers: You must be exceptionally good in programming and have a very good domain knowledge in Rails. Experience no bar. Show us some code or links to projects you have completed.

Freshers & Interns: Hunger to code, excellent aptitude and logical skills. Experience in Rails/Ruby not required but exposure to some programming language with personal programming experience would be required.

What do you get to do?

You will officially be in charge of development and upkeep of one of our Rails products.

You will also be a part of the Rails team as a whole and will be contributing to its evolution – building the domain knowledge in the company, establishing best practices, coming up with more product ideas and delivering Rails apps to customers. We still function like a startup and so your involvement will help form the culture and practices in areas that you work on. We encourage you to take responsibility and initiative and get things done. Oh, and of course, you’ll be working on a Mac 🙂

Now if you read the above and feel more adrenalin pumping through your body, it most likely means that you think you’re perfect for this role. And that most likely means that WE will think you’re perfect for the role.

How can you apply?

Email us your resume to jobs@tenmiles.com. Please send your resumes in PDF format only. Do not send cover letters, instead, please list your experience (professional or personal) with Rails, JavaScript and HTML+CSS. Link projects that show your experience. The more great code you show us, faster the interview process and the easier it will be to floor us.

Got questions? Leave us a comment or get in touch with us by email or twitter.

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  1. Keep hold on the position for 2 more years and i’ll come after i finish my college 😛

  2. hi..!
    you are all intelligent & professional in your fields.
    i am student but i would to built my career as on your way..

  3. hi iam a 2010 passed out mechanical engineer.wud i be able to get into your company as a entry level trainee?? will u recruit mech engineers???? iam interested to start my career with your company….

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